Boss Criticises Employee For Missing Work Due To Father's Death, Internet Reacts

Shortly after the woman posted online, numerous internet users flooded the comment section

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of a text message, alleging that her boss sent it after she missed work because of her father’s death. The post has sparked discussions among internet users, with numerous individuals expressing outrage.

“My dad died, and I’ve missed some work. He was in the ICU for two weeks, so I missed quite a bit of work. I get that it’s not ideal. But I called in today. And this is the response I get,” the Reddit user wrote.

Sharing details about her father’s death, the user wrote, “My dad was in the ICU from January 25th-February 10th when we pulled the plug and he passed away. I called and told her I would be taking a week off when I realised that things weren’t getting better. I went back to work a couple of days before he died and then took two days off for the funeral. So, I ended up taking about a total of 10 days off. I went back to work on February 15th and this was the first time I’ve called off since I went back to work.”

The text from her boss read, “I have been understanding but I need you to understand that if you want to be groomer, I need you to show up every day. It’s different if I just have to open and close, but when I have to shift around dogs as often as I’ve had to, it becomes very difficult. While you’re off today, I need you to consider what position is going to be best for you. We all go through a lot of things, but no matter what you have to show up every day. I’m sorry if that seems harsh but I have a business I have to run. I also would usually prefer not having a conversation like this in texts, but it seems to be my only option right now.”

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My dad died and I’ve missed some work
byu/viviana1994 inantiwork

Shortly after the woman posted online, numerous internet users flooded the comment section expressing their anger toward the boss for criticizing the employee under such circumstances.

A user wrote, “My dad died suddenly and I got the phone call while at work. I said ‘I have to go’ and walked right out the door without explaining. That night, I texted my manager and explained what happened. She said ‘Don’t worry about work. Take as long as you need.’ I showed up a week and a half later after receiving flowers from my workplace. When I got back they asked, ‘Are you sure you’re ready to be back?’ That’s how it should be.”

Another one commented, “Do not quit this job! Make them fire you. Make sure you keep every text you have! And get an email address so you can write to them through email. Make sure you keep all the responses.”

The third user wrote, “There is no room for compassion and feelings when it interferes with capitalism. I hate this.”


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