China Teen Spends Over Rs 4 Crore On 100 Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Her Favourite Star

The 18-year-old revealed that the most painful surgery was bone shaving. (Representative pic)

An 18-year-old in China has spent nearly $563,000 (over Rs 4 crore) on more than 100 plastic surgeries in order to look like her favourite actress. According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Zhou Chuna, from Zhejiang province in eastern China, developed a fixation on undergoing plastic surgery at the age of 13. Her inspiration was to attain the beauty of her favourite Chinese actress, Esther Yu. So, over the years, the 18-year-old spent more than 4 million yuan of her parents’ money on over 100 plastic surgeries. 

Since her childhood, Ms Chuna grappled with anxiety and depression regarding her appearance and felt uncomfortable when relatives and family friends said she did not look like her attractive mother. Later, when she started studying at an international school in Shanghai, she believed her classmates were prettier and more confident. This sense of inferiority and jealousy motivated her to take steps to enhance her appearance. 

SCMP reported that Ms Chuna’s journey into plastic surgery began at the age of 13 when her mother allowed her first operation – a double eyelid procedure. From then on, she became obsessed with changing her looks and even dropped out of school to pursue other medical procedures. 

“I’ve had almost all the plastic surgeries you can think of, among them rhinoplasty and bone shaving,” she said.

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Ms Chuna also told the outlet that her doctors warned her she could not have any more work done to widen her eyes because she had endured 10 such procedures, but she ignored them. The 18-year-old revealed that the most painful surgery was bone shaving, which lasted 10 hours and confined her to bed for 15 days. “Am I scared of it? Of course, but I must do it,” she said.

At that time, no doctor was willing to perform a second operation on her, so she found a new doctor every time she wanted another procedure, the outlet reported. “My old friends do not recognise me now,” she said. But she also added that the procedures have helped her become more confident and kept alive her dream of becoming a star. 

Now, Ms Chuna’s mother has stopped supporting her daughter’s obsession. Her father also disapproves of her new look, and her doctors have warned her against undergoing more procedures. The 18-year-old also declared an end to her surgical endeavours. 

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