Delhi Man Claims Uber Driver Charged Him Double Fare With 'Fake Screenshot' Scam

The driver showed the man a screenshot where the fare was indeed Rs 648

A man from Delhi has claimed that he was recently scammed by an Uber driver after he hailed a ride from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. In a lengthy post on Reddit, the man recounted the distressing experience and narrated what happened when he booked an Uber from the IGI airport to his home in the national capital on March 24. The Reddit user claimed that upon completion of the trip, the Uber driver presented a fake screenshot and charged double the fare.

”So I booked a ride from Delhi’s IGI airport to my home on the 24th night around 10:30. The app displayed around. ₹340 for an Uber Go so I booked that. When I reached my destination, the driver asked me ₹648,” he wrote on Reddit.

Since he was charged almost double, he asked to see the screen displaying the confirmation payment. The driver showed the man a screenshot where the fare was indeed Rs 648 and attributed the increased amount to extra waiting charges. 

Though the customer was suspicious, he decided to avoid arguing late at night and agreed to pay the amount. However, before leaving, he took a photo of the driver’s phone screen showing the payment details. The next day, he analysed the picture and found mistakes like wrong spelling names and two Uber app icons. When he visited the app, it showed that the Uber driver only collected ₹127.48 from him for the ride. The man then contacted Uber customer care and received a partial refund, confirming his suspicions of being tricked.

”So the reason for this post was to keep you guys aware that ONLY PAY THE AMOUNT SHOWN ON YOUR APP don’t even pay a single rupee extra (except tip, that’s generous) The driver supposedly used a spoof app to show the wrong payment information, I guess he was not in his senses and typed the wrong name, he even talked so much while travelling to distract us into thinking he was a good person,” he wrote and also added a few screenshots. 

See the post here:

UBER AIRPORT SCAM !!!!! w screenshots
byu/Why_am_i_alive0 indelhi

Several users shared similar experiences, saying that they too have been a victim of the ‘fake screenshot scam’, where drivers use fake apps to overcharge.

One user wrote, ”The same thing happened to me once when I was returning from IGI airport. My colleague had booked the cab, and he got off early, and mine was the last stop. The driver showed me the same kind of screen as you. I told my friend about the same and asked him to file a complaint.’

Another said, ”Ahhh I get it, that way they could easily scam people with fake screens, we people really need to be aware of this scam and always wiggle around the screen to check the authenticity.’

A third user commented, ”Quite unfortunate. That’s the reason I use ONLY the online payment method(UPI). I get the pop-up; there is no need to pay immediately; I can do it even days later or till I need to book another cab.”

A fourth wrote, ”Uber drivers generally inside Delhi is fine but the Uber driver outside IGI Airport is scamming a lot of people including tourists, they show fake payment screenshots and when questioned they say it’s parking charges.”

Yet another added, ”Thanks for sharing this, bro. I will be looking for things like these. Appreciate your effort to spread awareness about these scams.”

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