Doctor Reveals 3 Simple Secrets To A Long And Healthy Life, Harsh Goenka Shares Video

Exercising regularly is another determining factor for longevity, according to the doctor.

Industrialist Harsh Goenka often shares motivational and interesting posts to keep his social media fans entertained. On Wednesday, the tech-savvy businessman shared a thought-provoking video featuring a doctor who offered simple tips for a long life. In the video, Dr Nishit Choksi discusses the insights and perspectives he gained after talking to his patients aged 90 and above. Almost all the patients he talked to emphasised the importance of being happy and content as the secret to a long and healthy life. Exercising regularly is another determining factor for longevity, according to the doctor. 

”The common answer is you gotta be happy. You have to be content with what you have. You have to exercise. I have one 90-year-old lady who goes to the gym every day. That’s her passion. She walks without a stick. Her mind is sharp, she lives by herself, and she cooks on her own. Sometimes we try to chew more than we can swallow, so we get angry and upset that we didn’t get this and that. That creates a chain of events and you don’t eat well, you are stressed, and your blood pressure goes up. So three key things: Happiness, content and exercise,” the doctor said in the video. 

”Simple secrets to long life…,” the video was captioned by Mr Goenka. 

Watch the video here:

Several users thanked Mr Goenka for sharing the video and the doctor for his valuable tips. Reacting to the video, one user said, ”Mantra: Happiness, being content with what you have, and daily exercise are the secrets of a peaceful and long life.”

Another commented, ”The key to being happy is exercise, if you’re in good health you are bound to be happy, health is wealth.”

A third added, ”A top-up! Keep your brain active by learning new skills/pursuing hobbies/engaging in activities that challenge your cognition, like puzzles or learning a new language. Cognitive engagement can help maintain memory, reasoning & critical thinking skills as you age.”

A fourth said, ”Do things for yourself, frequently walk(don’t sit for long). exercise within limits, frequently exchange views with known old friends and relatives, eat whatever you like limited, be happy and thank God for givining all these to us.”

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