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From Delhi to Washington DC, embassies embrace the vibrant spirit of Holi.

From Delhi to Washington DC, embassies embrace the vibrant spirit of Holi.

Vibrant Holi celebrations unite Delhi & Washington DC, echoing cultural richness. Embassies foster US-India friendship

From the heart of the national capital to the bustling streets of Washington DC, the festival of Holi brought communities together in a riot of vibrant colours.  Embassies from Delhi to Washington DC embraced the spirit of Holi, marking the arrival of spring with festivities that echoed the cultural richness of India.

In a video post on social media X, the US Embassy in India captured the essence of the celebration, describing the event as a fusion of vibrant colours and expressing American commitment to fostering greater friendship between the two countries.

“From vibrant colours to infectious laughter echoing through the grounds, the Holi celebration at our Embassy was quite some fun! But the fun doesn’t stop here! Let’s keep the Holi spirit alive all year round. Here’s to greater friendship, and more unforgettable moments together in #USIndiaDosti! #HappyHoli,” the US embassy in India said.

‘Gujiyas made of American nuts’

US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti marked his first Holi in India with an array of traditional gujiyas. Expressing his joy on social media, he stressed the importance of Holi as a symbol of the enduring India-US friendship. Despite having experienced lively Holi festivities in Los Angeles, he expressed that nothing compares to the vibrant atmosphere here in India.

“#HappyHoli, friends! Celebrating my first Holi in India with delicious gujiyas made of American nuts – a delightful fusion of traditions and a celebration of #USIndiaDosti! I’ve had vibrant Holi celebrations back in Los Angeles, but nothing beats being here in India for the festival of colours,” Garcetti said.

‘Holi in the heart of Washington DC’

Meanwhile, the Dupont Circle in Washington DC was turned into a kaleidoscope of hues, music, and Indian culture, bringing the joyous energy of Holi to the heart of the American capital. The Indian mission in the country shared a message on X that highlighted the significance of Holi as a harbinger of spring, coinciding with the cherry blossoms weekend in DC.

“Holi in the heart of Washington DC @DuPont circle – a joyous celebration resplendent with the colours, music and culture of India! In India, Holi marks the arrival of spring – this year, it coincides with the cherry blossoms weekend in DC! We wish all of you a Happy Holi,” the Indian embassy in Washington wrote on X.

Holi is a joyful celebration

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also wished everyone a happy Holi on his social media accounts. In an official statement, he said, “Holi is a joyful celebration of colour, love and new life. The message of renewal through the triumph of good over evil is an inspiration for all Australians. For many Australians of South Asian heritage, Holi’s cultural and religious significance brings people together in celebration of their shared faith, history and heritage.”

“I was honoured to celebrate Holi in Ahmedabad, India, last year, and to experience the spectacular display of music, colour, and traditional dancing that define this lively tradition. However you mark the occasion this year whether you gather with family and friends, eat, sing, dance or play with gulaal-I trust you will have a wonderful time,” he added.

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