Gen Z Employees In China Ditch Formal Attire, Rock Pyjamas To Office In New Trend

Not just the Chinese, American Gen Z employees have also been embracing this workplace trend

Several Gen Z employees in China are ditching formal attires and showing up to the office wearing pyjamas, choosing comfort over traditional couture. According to the New York Post, more and more Gen Z employees are rocking the new lifestyle trend that has gained significant attention on social media. The trend has become so popular that there is a social media thread dedicated to showcasing the “gross outfits at work” worn by young Chinese workers. 

These outfits include sweatpants, sleepwear, and other comfortable clothing that make them appear like they just rolled out of bed. Several employees have been posing pictures of them wearing pyjama pants, fur slippers, and sleeping socks, along with the explanation of the “work look.”

The trend started when an employee named Kendou S, posted a video of herself on Douyin, sporting a brown, burlap-like sweater over plaid pyjama pants with a quilted jacket, and fluffy slippers. She claimed on camera that her boss repeatedly labelled her getups ”gross” and said that they needed to better reflect the ”image of the company.”

Luo, 30, who works as an interior designer in Wuhan, Hubei Province, told the New York Times, “I just wore what I wanted to wear,” adding, “I just have to sit down, but I don’t think it’s worth spending money on clothes for work.”

The shift towards wearing pyjamas to work among Gen Z employees represents the nationwide ”lying flat” movement. It simply means that younger professionals are now choosing a more easygoing, uncomplicated life. This countercultural trend is a response to the country’s alleged slowing growth and dwindling employment opportunities, as per the NY Times.

Despite their casual attire, these young workers want to prove that their choice of clothing doesn’t reflect their abilities as workers.

Not just the Chinese, American Gen Z employees have also been embracing this workplace trend. A recent report in the US also found that people are dressing more comfortably and more individually when at work. Wearing PJs also became increasingly popular worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic, when employees were relegated to working remotely.

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