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Get-Set-Holi. Play safe, stay safe and don’t skip the SPF.

Get-Set-Holi. Play safe, stay safe and don’t skip the SPF.

Holi, the festival of colours and also a time of joy and celebration, also comes with a warning to protect your eyes while playing with colours.

Holi, being celebrated today on March 25, brings joy and excitement. While everyone enjoys this festival, it is also important to note that nothing affects your eyes or skin while playing Holi. The colours used contain chemicals like lead, chromium and mercury, and they can cause infection in your eyes or skin allergies. If you wear contact lenses, remove them while playing as the colour can get into the lenses and can cause infection in your eyes.

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Holi 2024: Keep Your Eyes Sparkling with These Eye Protection Tips! (Image: Shutterstock)

Use natural colours to play Holi as it has fewer chemicals and there are chances that they will not affect your skin or eyes. Here are 5 tips which can protect your eyes while playing Holi.

  1. Wear SunglassesWearing sunglasses can protect your eyes with gulaal and powder that can enter while playing Holi. This will cover your eyes and will protect them from getting damaged by the colours.
  2. Tie Your HairMake a tied bun or ponytail and wear a cap to avoid the liquid colour dripping from your hair to the eyes as they may irritate the eyes.
  3. Contact LensesIf you wear contact lenses daily, remove them before playing Holi as the colour can get into your eyes and can cause prolonged damage. Also, colour can stain your lenses.
  4. Coconut OilApply a generous amount of oil around your eyes to make a protective barrier from harmful colours. Colours will not stick to the eyes and it will be easy for you to remove while taking a bath.
  5. Avoid Rubbing EyesTry to avoid rubbing as the colour on your hand will be transferred to your eyes. If any particle gets into the eyes, it may result in a scratch and will lead to corneal abrasion. Make sure your hands are properly cleaned and there is no colour in your hands.

Holi can be fun but sometimes, the colours may affect our eyes, skin or body due to the chemicals. So, you can avoid chemical colours and opt for natural colours to play Holi, but make sure you take all the precautions.

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