Nepotism, Dynastic Politics: Kangana Ranaut On Why She 'Despises' Congress

She said the opposition party represents something she has long fought against

New Delhi:

Asserting that she has a “glorious right-wing personality”, Kangana Ranaut on Wednesday accused the Congress of supporting nepotism and specifically targeted its leaders Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi.

The actor, fielded by the BJP for the Mandi constituency in Himachal Pradesh in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, also said the Congress has “always been an appalling party for me”.

She said the opposition party represents something she has long fought against in her film career.

“The Congress has always been an appalling party for me. The nepotism in the party has been hugely problematic for me because I was a target of the same system in my (film) industry. I had condemned it openly, I fought against it. Something that was exploiting me… Nepotism, groupism, dynastic politics… I despise this party,” Ms Ranaut said at the Times Now Summit 2024 – India Unstoppable event here.

“Nepo kids,” the “Queen” star said when she was asked to describe the Gandhi siblings in one line.

“They are weird as if they have landed from Mars,” she added.

Ms Ranaut, 37, said she has open-heartedly supported the BJP.

“Regardless of whether I’m a party member or not, I have always fought for the party’s cause. I have left no stone unturned. I always felt that my natural alignment and ideology is with a nationalistic government. I have a glorious right-wing personality,” said the four-time National Award winner.

Days after Ms Ranaut was named the BJP candidate from Mandi, the Congress kicked up a proverbial storm after derogatory comments about the actor and her constituency were posted on the social media handles of its leaders Supriya Shrinate and H S Ahir.

In her defence, Shrinate on Monday said many people have access to her Facebook and Instagram accounts and one of them made the inappropriate post. She also said she had deleted the post and will take action against a parody account that is using her name.

The actor, who had publicly called out Shrinate for posts shared via her social media handles, said she was hurt by the opposition leader’s remarks.

“This (incident) sets the cause of women back by many years. She has posted a very alarming content,” she added.

Shrinate had also hurt the people of Himachal Pradesh by comparing Mandi, a ‘devbhoomi’, to a market, Ms Ranaut further said.

“The meaning of Mandi is not what runs in the head of the Congress. The innocent people of Himachal Pradesh were deeply hurt when they branded it as if it was a flesh trade market. Mandi was named after sage Mandav,” she said.

Asked if she had a message for Shrinate, Ms Ranaut said she has nothing to say to the Congress spokesperson.

Ms Ranaut also said it’s ironic how Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who joined politics with the India Against Corruption campaign, is currently in jail on corruption charges.

Asked about her political debut, she said she is “anxious”.

“It’s a complete lifestyle change. It’s nerve-wracking. It’s a new role… I will be a horse with blinkers on. Suddenly this world has opened up. I want to do it well. I want to be more involved with the real world as opposed to being consumed by the field of arts,” Ms Ranaut added.

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