Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK party chief MK Stalin rallied support for his party’s nominee, Kanimozhi, after she filed her nomination from Thoothukudi on Tuesday. Stalin claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not mention Kanimozhi’s name during a recent government event in the district.

Stalin said that despite Kanimozhi being present on the dais alongside PM Modi, the latter failed to acknowledge her. Addressing an election rally in Thoothukudi, the Chief Minister stated that PM Modi’s omission of Kanimozhi’s name was an insult to her and the people of Thoothukudi.

“In reality, Modi has not insulted Kanimozhi, but he has insulted the people of Thoothukudi,” remarked Stalin.


MK Stalin alleged that PM Modi is merely witnessing attacks against Tamil Nadu fishermen by Sri Lanka, “which is waging an undeclared war” against the state’s fisherfolk.

Stalin demanded to know why the Prime Minister is “hesitant” to question Sri Lanka over attacks against Tamil Nadu fishermen.

Stalin asked if PM Modi would be ‘quiet’ if Gujarat fishermen were attacked by Pakistan. The CM asked: “You (Modi) are a big vishwa guru, can’t you condemn Sri Lanka?” Mocking the BJP stalwart, Stalin, also the president of the ruling DMK, asked whether PM Modi is “vishwa guru (global guru) or moun guru (silent guru).”

Fishermen of Tamil Nadu are demanding answers from PM Modi on Sri Lankan attacks on fishers, he said. In the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, PM Modi had blamed Congress as “weak” for Sri Lankan attacks on fishermen. He is, however, a spectator now to attacks, Stalin alleged.

(With PTI inputs)

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Vadapalli Nithin Kumar

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Mar 27, 2024

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