NMC Cautions Medical Colleges On Fake Letter Regarding Faculty Expulsion

The NMC stated that action would be taken under the relevant law for circulating the fake letter.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued an alert cautioning medical colleges against a fake letter circulating on social media about the expulsion of ‘ghost’ faculties (part-time faculty members). 

The Undergraduate Medical Education Board (UMEB) of the regulatory body highlighted that a fake letter dated February 3, 2023, purportedly signed by director UGMEB Sharan Kumar, is being shared on social media platforms.

“It has been brought to our attention that many ghost faculties are actively assisting the institution to make fake fingerprints for the Aadhaar-enabled biometric attendance system, which makes a person an accomplice to the crime,” the fake letter reads.

The letter further states, “Your name has been forwarded to concerned authorities to take action.”

The NMC cautioned all stakeholders, including medical colleges, not to fall into the trap of any such fake letter(s). It stated that action would be taken under the relevant law.

It reiterated that all crucial communications are posted exclusively on the NMC official website, nmc.org.in. The NMC urged stakeholders to verify the authenticity of notices, circulars, and letters by checking the official website. Any doubts or queries were encouraged to be clarified directly with the UGMEB of NMC.

“It is brought to the notice of all stakeholders that there is no such letter dated 03.02.2023 issued by UGMEB of NMC. All stakeholders, including Medical Colleges, are hereby advised not to fall into the trap of any such fake letter(s), if the same is not received through the dedicated email of UGMEB, NMC, as well as by post from NMC,” it stated.

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