Speeding Scorpio Rams Vehicles, Kills 1 In Rajasthan. Driver Assaulted

One person died on the way to a hospital.


A speeding Scorpio car hurtled out of control, crushing two individuals under its wheels, killing one and severely injuring the other in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh Monday evening. 

According to the police, the Scorpio, driven by three young men allegedly drunk, went recklessly through Chittorgarh’s Bassi town. Eyewitnesses described the vehicle veering off its path, demolishing street stalls and colliding with parked motorcycles before striking the unsuspecting victims.

As soon as the Scorpio came to a halt, locals in the area intervened and assaulted the three men before handing them over to the police. 

Video footage of the aftermath of the accident shows several two-wheelers hit and lying on the ground, vegetable carts and other stalls crushed and the three men who were in the Scorpio carrying wounds on their bodies from the assault by the locals. 

The injured were promptly rushed to Bassi Hospital for treatment, however, 70-year-old Mitthu Lal Mewada died during transit to a hospital in Udaipur. The other injured individual, identified as 75-year-old Kajodimal, was treated at a local hospital before being discharged.

The occupants of the Scorpio were identified as 21-year-old Hardik, 21-year-old Karni Singh, and Tushar Kumar, whose age is being ascertained.  

According to the police, the three men, after celebrating the dhulandi festival, a traditional Holi tradition in parts of Rajasthan, had been traversing the streets of Chittorgarh while drunk before calamity hit. 

Mitthu Lal Mewada’s body was kept in the mortuary of Chittorgarh District Hospital and an autopsy was conducted before it was handed over to his family, police said. 

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