This Balenciaga Bracelet Looks Exactly Like A Roll Of Tape, Internet In Disbelief

The bracelet was launched during Paris Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection

High-end fashion brands have a reputation for coming up with the most unique ideas for their products. This time, luxury fashion brand Balenciaga which is often in the news for its quirky products, launched a bracelet that looks exactly like a tape. The product looks like a regular roll of clear tape, however, it is branded with the Balenciaga logo and adhesive.

The clear packing tape-inspired bracelet was launched during Paris Fashion Week‘s Fall/Winter 2024 collection earlier this month. The buzz first grew after media brand Highsnobiety uploaded a TikTok clip and Instagram Reel featuring the item in question. 

The product has left internet users shocked, who are mercilessly mocking it on social media websites.  One user wrote on X, ”The luxury fashion house Balenciaga has once again sparked debate with its latest accessory, a bracelet designed to resemble a roll of clear tape, complete with the brand’s logo and a hefty price tag of approximately $4,000! This is just insane.”

Several users criticised the brand and its attempts at turning regular household items into fashion accessories with massive price tags. Another person wrote, ”I swear this whole brand is just a big inside joke.’

The item is not currently listed for sale on the house’s site. Balenciaga has yet to say how much it will charge for the tape bracelet, but some fashion influencers have said it could fetch as much as $4,400 (Rs 3,66,649).

Previously, Balenciaga has sold a leather pouch that looked exactly like a full garbage bag for $1,790, and a Kim Kardashian-inspired handbag wrapped in bright yellow and black tape for $3,100.

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