US Couple Ditches 9-To-5 Jobs To Live On Cruise Ships Full-Time For Less Than $10,000 A Year

Monica Brzoska and her husband Jorell now reside aboard a cruise ship.

Monica Brzoska and her husband, Jorell Conley, have embarked on a unique lifestyle, trading in their conventional routines for a life at sea, according to The New York Post. The couple, originally from Memphis, Tennessee, transitioned to full-time cruising after selling their possessions and bidding farewell to the traditional 9-to-5 grind.

As per the news report, their days are now filled with leisurely decisions like whether to lounge by the pool or indulge in spa treatments aboard ocean liners. Brzoska, a former teacher, relishes in the fact that she hasn’t stepped into a kitchen or used a washing machine in over a year, as all her needs are attended to by cruise staff.

“All my meals are cooked by chefs, and staff change my bedding,” bragged Monica Brzoska, 32, an ex-teacher from Memphis, Tennessee, to The Sun. “I haven’t stepped into a kitchen or used a washing machine for a year.”

While their nomadic lifestyle may seem idyllic, Monica acknowledges the challenges, particularly the occasional longing for family connections. However, their decision to set sail permanently was fueled by a family crisis, which encouraged them to seize the moment and pursue their dreams without delay.

Financially savvy, the couple meticulously calculated their expenses and managed to sustain their lifestyle for less than $10,000 annually, primarily through discounted cruise offers and renting out their home in Memphis.

“We’d earned access to some amazing offers,” Monica gushed. “If we chose the cheapest cabins, our savings from the pandemic would allow us to book eight months of cruising for $9,989.19-some trips paid for in full, others with deposits.”

To keep their incoming cash flow steady, the out-and-about honeys rent out their three-bedroom house in Memphis. 

Monica says leaving life on land has been a “freeing” experience. 

Their days are now filled with leisure activities and exploring exotic locales, with weekly date nights adding a touch of romance to their adventures. Their story is part of a broader trend of couples embracing unconventional lifestyles, seeking adventure and spontaneity in their relationships.

For Monica and Jorell, life on the water has transformed every moment into a glimmer of magic, turning their dream of world exploration into a reality.

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