Video Of Girl Throwing Water Balloons At Man Despite His Pleas Divides Internet

The incident took place in Delhi.

A video of a girl throwing water balloons at a man despite him requesting multiple times not to is going viral on social media. Taking to Instagram, filmmaker Rohan Jain shared the clip of the incident, which took place on Holi in Delhi. He said he was visiting his relatives and was carrying his laptop and camera gear when the girl started throwing water balloons at him. As he tried to stop her and requested her not to throw the balloons at him, she ignored his request and continued to throw them at him, he said. 

In a long caption, Mr Jain wrote, “This girl almost hit my laptop with a water balloon while I was getting out of the cab at my relative’s place. And even after politely asking her not to do this, instead of saying sorry and stopping it right away, she starts throwing even more balloons and then her family is standing there watching and starts justifying it and arguing back”. 

Take a look at the video below: 

The filmmaker further said that he was travelling to his relative’s place in Delhi with all his luggage including “all my drones and camera gear with me alongside my laptop bag which has all my other devices too”. And as soon as he opened the door of his cab, the water balloons were thrown at him. He kept his devices and bags inside the cab and carefully stepped out of the vehicle to request the girl to stop throwing balloons at him. But “she started yelling back at me and throwing even more balloons right in front of her family guardians,” Mr Jain wrote. 

“After she threw almost 15-20 balloons at me and did not want to stop with her family shamelessly watching and supporting, I took out my phone and started recording them and they didnt stop even then. And the actual father of the girl couldnt even come down and take responsibility of his daughter or even apologise for her behaviour,” the filmmaker continued. 

“After a few minutes a few more neighbours came out on the street saying they are also annoyed with this family about hitting others and then misbehaving,” Mr Jain concluded his post. 

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Mr Jain shared the clip just a day back. Since then, the post has amassed more than 25 million views. The video has left the internet users divided. 

“It is holi you should avoid going out with phones and electronics that can be damaged by water. Seriously you expect consent for enjoying holi,” wrote one user. “Shame on you ! Holi is celebrated with the idea of spreading joy even with strangers! That’s why from years people are using Ballons! You are so sensitive about the festive then better stay indoors or accept there will be kids on street!” said another.

However, some users slammed the family. “Just because someone is celebrating a festival , doesn’t give anyone the right to force anyone else to be part of it , against their will .And when he is requesting them to stop throwing water balloons , they should immediately stop , if not it’s legally harassment. No means No,” wrote one user. “This is harassment. And the way she was talking so rudely. So arrogant. Parents at fault,” commented another. 

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