Wait, What?! Viral Video Shows Women Rolling Frying Pans With Bare Hands

A video of a bizarre world record is viral now (Photo Credit: Instagram/ guinnessworldrecords)

Guinness World Records (GWR) often gives us glimpses of unusual achievements of people around the world. From opening bottle caps with one’s head to slicing watermelons on one’s own belly, many bizarre feats have taken the internet by storm. One of the recent reels shared by GWR is a compilation of two women attempting to set the world record for ‘Most frying pans rolled in one minute’ (female). In the now-viral video, we can see the women exert extreme force to bend the shape of these utensils. As the name of the record suggests, they manage to roll the pan into itself using their bare hands.

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However, that’s not the only skill they’re being tested on. The record title will only go to the person who manages to roll the highest number of pans in a minute. The reel features Jana Vaskova and Mihaela-Andreea Brinzoiu, who have an equal record of 10. As per GWR, “The pair went head-to-head and both surpassed the previous record of 7 on the Italian TV Show ‘Lo Show Dei Record’.” Watch the complete video below:

Guinness World Records often shares speed-related feats. Before this, a video of a Frankfurt man setting a new record for the fastest time to drink a cup of coffee received a lot of interest online. The man gulped his drink in just 3.12 seconds! Check out the full story here.

Recently, the reel for ‘Most watermelons chopped off the head in one minute’ had also gone viral. One member of the team is seen seated on the ground with a board on their head. The other is standing at the side with a large knife in his hands. A shallow bowl is placed on the board, in which the watermelon is placed. Read the full story here.

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