Why Men Wear Sarees, Jewellery On Holi In This Andhra Village

In a village in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district, men don women’s attire on Holi

Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh):

During Holi, what comes to mind is the joyful sprinkling of colours and the fervent spirit of celebration. Across generations, young and old alike partake in vibrant festivities, engaging in colourful games and merry-making.

However, in the village of Santhekudlur in Adoni mandal of Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district, a peculiar tradition has been observed since time immemorial.

In a unique Holi celebration, men undergo a transformation, donning women’s attire. They gracefully drape sarees, embellish themselves with flowers, and adorn their attire with ornate ornaments.

As the villagers gather to commemorate Holi in their distinctive manner, the sight of men adorned in women’s attire, paying homage to the deity “Rati Manmatha” continues to captivate and intrigue, symbolising the enduring spirit of tradition and belief.

As per locals, it is believed that if ‘Kamadeva’ is worshipped by men in women’s attire on the festival of Holi, then families will be blessed by the Lord with happiness and prosperity.

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