'That's A First': Woman Gets Dumped By Tinder Date At Hawaii Volcano

“I was hitting depression in Earth’s depression,” the woman said.

A woman who thought she was going to have a dream date in Hawaii ended up being dumped by her Tinder meet-up at a volcano site. According to the New York Post, Julia DaOrazio was on a vacation on Hawaii’s Big Island when she matched with her Tinder date Jerry. The duo met in downtown Kailua-Kona, and Ms DaOrazio was instantly charmed by his drawl and friendly manner. “The conversation flowed, and we quickly discerned that we had similar tastes in music, ways of travel, and a shared love for working the glutes,” she said. 

Ms DaOrazio said she told her date that she had hired a red Mustang convertible for her trip. The two then drove to unassuming locations. She told Mr Jerry a list of things she wanted to do in Hawaii. They then decided to start with the “easiest and closest activity” on the list. 

As per the Post, for their first adventure, the couple opted to hike the Makaula O’oma trail. “Like many of Hawaii’s trails, it was naturally shaded by lush jungle, yet that didn’t do much to cool us down,” she said. “After pumping the leg muscles, the beach called, and we soon headed to La’Aloa Bay Beach – known locally as Magic Sands for its shifting seashore – to wash off the sweat,” she added. 

Two of them then admitted to having a great time together and they agreed to catch up again to cross off another adventure on the list. Two days later, they met at Ms DaOrazio’s accommodation, but the woman said she immediately noticed that “something was off” with Mr Jerry. 

“I tried to decipher what was up and hoped to turn that frown upside down. After all, we were about to go on an almost three-hour road trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a park with two of the world’s most active volcanoes,” she said. 

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Ms DaOrazio tried to lighten the mood several times, but her date’s demeanour did not return to friendly. Once they reached their destination, while Ms DaOrazio was ready to hike, Mr Jerry told her he wanted to go back. “I’m going to work out my own way back,” Mr Jerry said suddenly. 

This took Ms DaOrazio by surprise. “What? We just arrived! We drove three hours to get here,” she said, confused. “Yeah, I’m going to hitchhike my way back into town,” he replied. 

At this moment, Ms DaOrazio realised she had been ditched at a volcano. “I was hitting depression in Earth’s depression. Was being in my company that insufferable? I was shocked. Never has a guy walked out on me – let alone at a volcano! Now that’s a first,” she said. 

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