Woman Says Air India Made Her Mother Fly Economy Despite Business Class Ticket, Airline Responds

The airline later reached out to her and assured her that they were investigating the matter on priority

A woman took to X to slam Air India after the airline allegedly gave her mother’s Business class seat to another passenger on a flight from Delhi to Washington DC. The user, Vitasta, called the airline’s behaviour “absolutely ridiculous” and criticised Air India for showing “no regard for customers.”

In a tweet, she recounted the frustrating experience saying how her mother was initially told that her business class seat did not recline. She was then told that the seat was reserved for the crew, but later another passenger was seen sitting there. Meanwhile, her mother was moved to economy class with a fixed armrest which was ”uncomfortable and unacceptable” to her. 

”@airindia how dare you give my mom’s business class seat to someone else on a long haul flight from Delhi to Washington DC? First telling her the seat doesn’t recline, then saying the seat is for the crew and then she finds someone else sitting there as she is sent to the economy?”, Ms Vitasta wrote on X.

”Absolutely ridiculous behaviour and no regard for your customers! We will be complaining about this. Air India, do better!” she added.

Here’s the post:

The airline later reached out to her and assured her that they were investigating the matter on priority with the airport team. ”Dear Ma’am, please be rest assured that we’re investigating the matter on priority with our airport team. We’ll connect with you soon,” they wrote. 

Later, the user said that the airline offered to compensate 75% of the fare, and gave her an upgrade voucher. 

”Here is the update: they’ve compensated 75% of the fare + an upgrade voucher (what a joke). The ground staff at Delhi was extremely rude and behaved disgustingly. My mother was listed in the flight manifest as a business class passenger, yet made to ride in economy,” she wrote. 

”The issue remains that a passenger was given my mother’s seat. A business seat was indicated on mom’s boarding pass. My mother who has health issues and paid a higher fare to travel in comfort was told by the Delhi ground staff that her luggage would be taken off the plane if she didn’t simply take the economy seat,” she added. 

However, internet users were not convinced by the airline’s compensatory actions and asked the user to file a complaint against them. 

One user wrote, ”Please file a complaint with the Consumer Forum for deficiency of service.” Another commented, ”Don’t accept the 75%, she paid for a service and didn’t receive it, she should get 100% minimum.” A third said, ”@airindia’s careless, arrogant culture would never change irrespective of who owns it. This behaviour wouldn’t change no matter what.”

A fourth added, ”Compensating the fare is no solution. Your mom booked a business-class seat for comfy travel. Getting money back is not a solution. Air India can’t get away by refunding. The whole point of booking a business class seat was for comfort. Refund of money is neither here nor there.”

A fifth wrote, ”Terrible. Wish she had refused to fly. They should better refund the entire fare for the mishap.”

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