X User Criticises Bengaluru Mall's EVs Parking Space, Ather Exec Reacts

“Electric Vehicle Parking Zone,” a signboard read.

A Bengaluru-based photographer recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to point out that a popular mall in the city has a separate parking lot for Electric Vehicles (EVs) despite having a huge multi-level parking. The photographer, Nishant Ratnakar, shared a picture showing electric scooters parked in baking sunlight outside Nexus Mall in Koramangala. “Electric Vehicle Parking Zone,” a signboard read. In his post, he said that even though the mall had huge parking, the EVs were made to be parked outside in the sun due to “irrational fear psychosis”.

“There is some irrational fear psychosis in #NexusMall #Koramangala in #Bengaluru with regards to Electric Vehicles. While there is a big multi level parking (as seen on left), they make EVs to be parked in baking sunlight outside. EV manufacturers kindly speak to them. #Ather,” Mr Ratnakar wrote in the caption of his post. 

In the following tweets, Mr Ratnakar wrote that the security staff cited some recent fire incidents in a truck transporting EVs as anecdotal evidence for practising “such untouchability”. He even tagged EV maker Ather Energy and its founders Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain, urging them to speak to the mall’s management to clear misconceptions about electric vehicles. The photographer tagged Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal and wrote, “I hope EV industry leaders can talk some sense to these malls in #Bengaluru”. 

In the comments, the popular X account Peak Bengaluru tagged Aravind Prasad, head – of charging infrastructure at Ather Energy asking for the company’s intervention. “We will reach out to them,” Mr Prasad responded. 

In recent months, Bengaluru has become a ground for viral videos capturing a myriad of moments. From flash mobs in the bustling streets of Brigade Road, a time-lapse of the city’s skyline, or viral challenges taking social media by storm, Bengaluru’s diverse community ensures a steady of captivating content. These moments are dubbed “Peak Bengaluru” and offer glimpses into the diverse experiences that define life in India’s IT capital.

Earlier, a video of a man attending a Zoom meeting while driving a two-wheeler in a congested street had gone viral on social media. The clip showed the man using his laptop while navigating a busy stretch of a road. The video sparked a huge debate on social media platforms about responsible driving and safe commuting habits. It also caught the attention of Bengaluru Traffic Police, which asked the user to mention exact location details. 

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