Mary Peltola wins Alaska’s special U.S. House race

Democrat Mary Peltola has won election to the U.S. House, 

beating Republican Sarah Palin to fill the remainder of the late Congressman Don Young’s term in office.  

“I feel like I need to catch my breath for a minute,” Peltola said, speaking to supporters

Peltola, who surpassed Palin by three percentage points, will be the first Alaska Native person to serve in Congress.  

“I will have that distinction,” said Peltola. “But I think what’s most important is that I’m Alaskan and being sent to represent all Alaskans.” 

Peltola will also be the first woman to fill Alaska’s sole U.S. House seat. 

Peltola won with 51.5% of the vote, to Palin’s 48.5%.