Megachurch pastor steps aside after ‘unwise’ DMs with woman on Instagram

The Village Church’s Pastor Matt Chandler insists the private messages were not “romantic or sexual” 

Announced on Sunday that he’d be stepping away from the pulpit indefinitely after Instagram. 

admitting to an inappropriate online relationship with a woman on  

In 2012, an 11-year-old girl was allegedly abused at the Village Church’s summer camp. 

Even though her parents told church leaders about the incident several years later 

He simply said there was an allegation of abuse by a church member but that the unnamed

culprit did not have “access to children at the Village Church.”   

no longer worked there.)  He Added that one of their pastors (THE SAME GUY) was leaving the church due  

to an “alcohol abuse problem”… without acknowledging the connection between the two stories. 

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