Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday at the age of 96, the eagerly anticipated "Operation London Bridge" got underway.

The code name for a formal orchestrated series of events that would take place upon the death of the British monarch was Operation London Bridge.

the queen’s passing would be privately announced  with a coded phrase: “London Bridge is down.”

This indicates that with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, her son Prince Charles automatically succeeded her as monarch, becoming King Charles III.


The news is expected to be broken in a careful, somber manner with hosts wearing black to dignify the importance of what has happened. An alarm for national emergencies, rarely used, will go off in the offices. 


The next days are considered D-Day+1, D-Day+2, and so on, The body typically meets within 24 hours of the monarch’s death, at St. James’s Palace, where many important events in royal history have taken place. 


the queen’s body is expected to be transported to Buckingham Palace. As she died at Balmoral in Scotland 

D-Day+2 onward 

funeral is expected to be held on D-Day+10, which is Sunday, Sept. 18, at London’s Westminster Abbey 

The funeral